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Tummy Tuck in Turkey: reshape your abdomen

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What is tummy tuck?

Tummy tuck or what is better known as abdominoplasty is an aesthetic procedure thats is designed to improve the shape and appearance of your abdomen.
When excess fat builds up under the skin it can make you have an unhealthy shape, however tummy tuck is the perfect procedure to solve the problem of unwanted fat.
The operation uses cutting-edge technology to break down fat cells in your body and remove them; the procedure is also permanent.

What are the types of tummy tuck surgery?

There are many types of tummy tuck surgeries, based on your condition and the tests that your doctor will be conducting, the surgeon will identify which technique to follow during your treatment.
The types of tummy tuck are:

  • Full tummy tuck: designed to improve both the upper and lower abdomen.
  • Mini tummy tuck: only targets the lower part of your abdomen.
  • Extended tummy tuck: it is basically a full tummy tuck with the addition of improving a patient’s flanks.
  • Fleur-de-lis tummy tuck: this surgery gets its name from the incision’s shape that looks like the petals of a Fleur-de-lis.
  • Drainless tummy tuck: drains are used to keep fluid from collecting between your skin and muscle following a tummy tuck procedure.
  • Tummy tuck with liposuction: This is a combo between two surgeries; liposuction will get rid of excess fat in your body while the tummy tuck will remove all the unwanted skin left behind from the first procedure.
  • Non-surgical tummy tuck: this technique is for patients who do not want incisions done on their bodies, it uses a special medical tool to help tighten your skin.

How to prepare for tummy tuck?

Prior to the operation you will have to meet your doctor to ensure that you do not suffer from any diseases that may prevent you from undergoing it.
The doctor also will inform you of the areas from which skin can be removed, they will check your medical history and adjust the dosage of any medications that you are taking.
Some tests will be performed, such as a complete blood count, a blood chemistry test, and coagulation tests and a chest x-ray.
You should also refrain from drinking alcohol for 48 hours, and fast for 8 hours before the surgery.

What happens during the tummy tuck surgery?

Tummy tuck surgery takes one to two hours, and it is performed as follows:
The doctor will start by completely sterilizing the abdominal area, then they will make a horizontal incision in the lower abdominal wall that passes through the skin to the abdominal muscles.
After that, the surgeon will use some stitches to strengthen the abdominal muscles, then removes excess skin.
Finally, the procedure will be done by closing up the surgical incision using special sutures, and placing bandages.
The drain tube will be left inside the surgical incision to drain fluid residue and blood from the tissues.

What happens after the tummy tuck operation?

After the procedure you will probably have to stay for one night so that the medical team can keep you under observation in the clinic, and the bandages and drain tube are usually removed one day after the operation.
The doctor will also give you an elastic belt so that you keep it on your abdomen for one month.
Subcutaneous bleeding may occur after the operation, you shouldn't be alarmed since this is very normal and will be absorbed within a few weeks.
There may also be asymmetry in the skin, and it will disappear automatically after a short period.
Pain relievers can be used if needed, and you should go to the doctor immediately if you have any severe discomfort.
Make sure to keep up with your follow-up appointments so that your doctor can assess your healing and see the results.

What are the risks of having tummy tuck?

Potential risks are a factor in any cosmetic surgery and tummy tuck is no different, there are some potential risks that come with the surgery.
The doctor will explain these risks more when you meet with them, they will discuss them with you in much more details to help you understand them.
Bear in mind that these risks are very rare, but you need to keep them in mind.
Some of the risks of tummy tuck are:

  • Fluid accumulation beneath the skin.
  • Bleeding.
  • Anesthesia complications.
  • Scarring.
  • Tissue damage.
  • Changes in skin sensation or losing it.
  • Infection.
  • Change in skin color.

How much does tummy tuck in Turkey costs?

Anyone planning to undergo some type of tummy tuck abroad is always faced with the question of pricing.

As you know, prices for cosmetic surgery are always personalized, because every case is different.

As we've already seen, there are several types of abdominoplasty to suit specific aesthetic needs.

Medespoir, with its clinic in Istanbul, the Aram Clinic, has introduced all-inclusive package solutions that allow you to personalize prices to suit each individual case, but with a framework so that you can really save money and not be prevented from the operation you need because of the cost.

Your tummy tuck in Turkey starting at £2500 with pick-up by one of the best abdominoplasty surgeons in Istanbul, Turkey.

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