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Hair Transplantation

The Art of Hair Transplantation in Turkey

One of the biggest and worst beauty nightmares that can happen to a person is losing their hair or going bald, this especially happens to people that are aging or due to genetics or diseases.
And going through that experience causes many people to feel depressed and lose confidence about the way they look.
And this can happen to anyone at any time, both men and women can suffer from hair loss and baldness due to the reasons we mentioned earlier.
So what is the best solution for this problem? Well today we will talk about the best and most modern solution which is the hair transplant procedure.
For 10 years Medespoir have been supporting patients with their cosmetic desiers from 6 countries, meaning when you choose our agency, you will be guaranteed the best possible treatment with the results you always wanted.
We are the best choice when it comes to getting the hair transplant procedure in Turkey, we offer the best care at the most affordable price.

How much does a hair transplant in Turkey costs?

Doing your research before deciding on undergoing a medical or cosmetic surgery is extremely vital, your research must contain the most necessary aspects of the operation, meaning you must find:

  • The best price.
  • The best clinic.
  • The best doctor.

Turkey is known for being a famous destination for people wishing to have aesthetic procedures, and it is no surprise as the country is known for having almost a million cosmetic procedures every year.
This means that Turkey a large number of clinics that you can choose from, and we at Medespoir are here to help you with that.
We have a very distinguished in having a highly educated and skillful medical team that will work day and night to deliver results that will fully satisfy you.
But our most unique feature is our unmatched and very affordable prices, this is thanks to our all-inclusive package that will cover:

  • A room in a very luxurious hotel.
  • The appointment with the doctor.
  • The fees of the anesthesiologist.
  • The operative stay at the clinic.
  • Post-operative medication.
  • All operation related transportation.

Compared to the cost of a hair transplant in France or in European countries like Switzerland, the price of having the operation in Turkey is 60 to 80% cheaper.

The prices of undergoing a hair transplant in Istanbul


Hair transplant price (FUE OR DHI procedure)

1500 to 3000 €
France and Switzerland
7000 to 20 000 €/6500 to 15000 CHF
Discount obtained
60 to 80% of savings

How will your price estimation be calculated?

The price tag of the operation will be based mainly on the examination that will be made by your doctor as well as the degree of baldness.
Based on the hair diagnosis, the hair transplant doctor indicates the number of grafts needed and the most suitable implantation technique.
The price estimation for a hair transplant with Medespoir in Turkey includes:

  • The all-inclusive price of the procedure.
  • The number of grafts.
  • The technique that will be used.
  • The name of the clinic.

The media is talking about us

5 Facts to Know About Hair Transplant in Turkey

  • Hair surgery is a real common in Turkey, in fact there are more than 1000 clinics dedicated to the art of hair regrowth.
  • There are many clinics that are specialized or have a full hair transplant service.
  • Turkish doctors specializing in hair implants master several modern techniques of hair implantation.
  • Turkey is recognized as the best destination for Afro Hair Transplant.
  • Many reality TV stars have had a hair transplant in Istanbul, Izmir or Antalya.

How to prepare for a hair transplant procedure in Turkey?

The specialist doctor will be conducting a comprehensive examination of the patient; they will open your medical file and will look into your medical history to check for any diseases that may prevent you from having the operation.
During the tests your doctor evaluates your susceptibility to bleeding, and will ask you about any medication that you are taking so that they can either alter the dosage or prevent you from taking them if they pose a threat to you during the procedure.
All procedures are reviewed on the day scheduled for the operation, and you can ask the doctor about everything that concerns you regarding the operation.

What happens during the hair transplant surgery?

There are mainly two techniques to undergo a hair transplant surgery, your doctor will decide which one is best suited for you based on your condition and the examination that you will have with them.
In all of the techniques of hair transplant a local anesthetic is always used.
A device that applies high-frequency vibrations is placed on the skin to reduce the sensation of injection, this is medically known as vibratory anesthesia, which is enough to make you not feel any pain during the procedure.

The FUI technique

The FUE hair transplant technique without scars consists of taking grafts from the donor areas such as the back of the head for example, then planting those hair follicular in the area that is missing the hair.
The removal of follicular units is carried out using a micro punch; the punch makes it possible to remove the follicular unit which will be grafted without touching its skin and fat attachments.
The doctor will be planting the hair follicular using batches of three hairs each time.
The procedure is painless and does not take a lot of time.

The DHI technique

The DHI hair transplant is a method of hair implantation which consists of implanting the grafts in the hairless areas of the scalp using an implanter pen, the Choi pen.
Although derived from the FUE method, this technique is much faster.
What makes this technique faster is that the Extraction and implantation of the graft are done almost simultaneously.
With the DHI transplant technique, it is no longer necessary to make prior incisions in the area of the skull where the hair follicles are extracted.
The grafts are collected from the donor area without the need for an incision and then they are inserted into the pen.
After that, the needle is inserted into the scalp, and the doctor will start to insert the grafts using pressure.

What happens after the hair transplant surgery?

After having the surgery, there are some steps and activities that you should be doing to insure that the results will last for long and to avoid any potential complications.
You should sleep in a semi-upright position on the first night after the operation and use two pillows to raise your head during the first three days after the operation.
Avoid touching or combing your transplanted hair for one to two days after the surgery, when you do comb your hair try avoiding the transplanted area as much as you can so you don't damage it.
You can use a solution in the form of a spray at home that helps new hair grow in the transplanted area every half-hour on the first day after the operation.
Your doctor will instruct you to stop taking aspirin and alcoholic beverages for three days after surgery.
You should also use a new hairbrush other than the old one, at least in the first two weeks after the operation.

What are the risks of having a hair transplant surgery?

The hair transplant surgery is highly safe with a rate of success that is almost unbelievable.
However much like any other medical or cosmetic surgery in the world, hair transplant comes with some potential risks that you should take into consideration.
Your doctor will tell you more about these risks and how to best avoid them, some of them are:

  • Bleeding.
  • Infection.
  • Lost in sensation in your scalp.
  • Pain.
  • An allergic reaction to the anaesthetic.
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