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Cosmetic surgery in Turkey: Prices and clinic chosen by Medespoir in Istanbul

Plastic and cosmetic surgery Turkey

Just two hours by plane from Europe's major capitals lies one of the most popular destinations for medical tourism.

Renowned for its hair transplant opportunities, Turkey is now Europe's leading country for cosmetic surgery.

This fast-growing medical discipline is due to the variety of operations performed, the high level of certification of the clinics, the affordable rates offered and the quality of the cosmetic surgeons.

For the past 5 years, Medespoir has been committed to bringing you the very best in cosmetic surgery in Turkey. Here's everything you need to know.

Where to have surgery in Turkey ?

Operations are performed in specialized clinics or hospitals.

The first choice for surgery in Turkey is Istanbul. Because the former Constantinople lies at the confluence of Europe and Asia.

Istanbul is also Turkey's largest urban area, and as a result there are many clinics and hospitals offering cosmetic surgery at attractive prices.

But thanks to its size and medical tourism strategy, Turkey also boasts top-class facilities in Bursa, Antalya, Ankara and Izmir.

surgeon Turkey

What are the best cosmetic surgery centers in Turkey?

The best cosmetic surgery centers in Turkey are those whose managers have clearly understood the contemporary expectations of future patients.

That is, privileged access to operations that clearly meet their needs.


These medical establishments must be able to offer the ideal technical and human environment for successful body or facial procedures.


As with the cosmetic surgery offered by leading clinics in the USA and Switzerland, excellent establishments in Turkey such as the Clinique Aram can combine classic surgical operations with innovative aesthetic medicine treatments and the quest for minimal post-operative impact.

In combined surgery, Medespoir Turkey offers up to 70% reduction on the price of the second operation.

Plastic surgery turkey prices

Deciding on the best place and clinic to undergo your cosmetic surgery is very essential, along that step, it is vital to know the price of the surgery you want to have, the best deals and packages and weather the overall experience is budget friendly or not.

Prices for cosmetic surgery in Turkey may vary from clinic to clinic or from hospital to hospital.

Here is a list of the prices of the aesthetic procedures that are done in our clinic in Istanbul.

Price list in euros, we can of course give prices in pounds.

Aesthetic operation

The procedure All inclusive prices
Breast augmentation by implants About 2900 €
Breast lift About 2600 €
Breast lift with implants About 3100 €
Liposuction Average price is 1800 Euros
Vaser High Definition Liposuction (Liposuction without surgery) Average price 2000 €
Tummy tuck About 2800 €
BBL About 3500 €
Rhinoplasty About 2300 €
Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty About 2500 €
Blepharoplasty (4 eyelids) About 3050 €
I would like a quote for an operation in Turkey in pounds

Why is plastic surgery cheaper in Turkey?

In Turkey,surgery is cheaper because hospital fees are lower, and the price of living is also much lower

The prices of cosmetic surgeries in Turkey are on average 50% to 70% lower than the prices of the same operations in Europe and in the African countries where our many patients come from.
Medespoir allows you to perform several operations (combined surgeries all inclusive), this means that you can save up more money on the amount of your operating package.
We have prepared a list of comparison between the prices of aesthetic surgeries and those in Europe and other countries.
There are two reasons why cosmetic surgeries are cheaper in Turkey:

  • The price of living in cities like Istanbul or Antalya is lower and the exchange rate is very favorable for European currencies (Euros, British pounds, Swedish crowns...) or for American, African and Asian currencies.
  • Hopital fees are lower and all medical equipment used for plastic surgery operations are made in Turkey meaning that clinics and doctors will not overcharge you for the medical tools.

A focus on the best cosmetic surgery clinic in Turkey

Medespoir has chosen a collective of the best cosmetic surgery clinics in all of Turkey.
they are medical institutions that are accredited by the Turkish health authorities, by the JCI as well as by the international societies of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery.
Our clinics are renown for having the best medical teams in the field of cosmetic surgery, they are a group of the most highly educated and skilful doctors, surgeons and nurses that are always ready to help you and deliver the results you always dreamed of.
The clinic is committed to providing the fastest possible access to medical innovations and the latest technological advances; this is why the Medespoir Clinic is equipped with cutting edge medical tools that allows us to perform any aesthetic surgery our patients desire.
It is a temple of Istanbul beauty built on more than 1500m2 and always committed to preserving the safety of its guests thanks to its reinforced health protocols.
The quality of the facilities is designed to provide our patient with the most serene operating experience possible.
All these facts are the reason why Medespoir is a beacon of beauty, elegance and professionalism.

Why you should choose Medespoir to have your operation in Turkey?

We have over 10 years of experience in supporting overseas medical stays for patients around the world.
Benefit from our know-how for the success of your medical stay in Turkey with a VIP support service including the management of your medical file, your transportation and your accommodation in a luxury hotel using our all-inclusive deal.

Is having a cosmetic surgery in Turkey cheaper in price than other countries?

Here is a comparison between the prices of the most performed aesthetic surgeries between Turkey and other countries.

Facial surgery

Rhinoplasty (cosmetic nose surgery)



Turkey Average price: 2300 €
England Average price: £6,780
Belgium Average price: 3240 €
Switzerland Average price: 8000 €
Morocco Average price: 3500 €
Czech Republic Average price: 3000 €
Spain Average price: 600 €
India Average price: 3000 €
Greece Average price: 4500 €
Malaysia Average price: 3500 €

Blepharoplasty (cosmetic eyelid surgery)



Turkey Average price: 1200 €
England Average price: £2800
Belgium Average price: 2460 €
Switzerland Average price: 6750 €
Morocco Average price: 2600 €
Lebanon Average price: 3500 €
Spain Average price: 5000 €
India Average price: 2000 €
Greece Average price: 2600 €
Thailand Average price: 2100 €

Face and neck lifting (cervicofacial)



Turkey Average price: 3250 €
England Average price: £6,080
Belgium Average price: 6500 €
Switzerland Average price: 12500 €
Morocco Average price: 5000 €
Czech Republic Average price: 4000 €
Spain Average price: 6250 €
India Average price: 4250 €
Greece Average price: 4000 €
Thailand Average price: 7300 €

Figure surgery




Turkey Average price: 1800 €
England Average price: £3,690 (1 area)
Belgium Average price: 2170 €
Switzerland Average price: 8000 €
Morocco Average price: 4200 €
Czech Republic Average price: 4000 €
Spain Average price: 7000 €
India Average price: 2800 €
Greece Average price: 3000 €
Hungary Average price: 3500 €

Tummy tuck



Turkey Average price: 2800 €
England Average price: £7,345
Belgium Average price: 4500 €
Switzerland Average price: 9000 €
Morocco Average price: 3500 €
Czech Republic Average price: 3400 €
Spain Average price: 9000 €
India Average price: 3500 €
Greece Average price: 4000 €
Hungary Average price: 4500 €

BBL surgery: Brazilian butt lift



Turkey Average price: 3500 €
England Average price: £7,000
Belgium Average price: 4000 €
Switzerland Average price: 4800 €
USA Average price: 5600 €
Brazil Average price: 5000 €
Spain Average price: 4000 €
Mexico Average price: 4900 €
Poland Average price: 3550 €
Thailand Average price: 6000 €

Breast surgery

Breast lift without implants



Turkey Average price: 3100 €
England Average price: £6,393
Belgium Average price: 4525 €
Switzerland Average price: 9000 €
Morocco Average price: 3500 €
Czech Republic Average price: 3400 €
Spain Average price: 8500 €
India Average price: 3000 €
Greece Average price: 3500 €
Hungary Average price: 3000 €

Breast augmentation (implants)



Turkey Average price: 2900 €
England Average price: £7,000
Belgium Average price: 4100 €
Switzerland Average price: 8000 €
Morocco Average price: 4000 €
Czech Republic Average price: 5000 €
Spain Average price: 4000 €
India Average price: 3500 €
Greece Average price: 4000 €
Hungary Average price: 4000 €

Hair transplant (hair implantation)



Turkey Average price: Entre 1500 à 3000 € €
Germany Average price: 6000 €
England average price: £6,700(cheaper price in Leeds)
Spain Average price: 5950 €
Poland Average price: 5300 €
Thailand Average price: 1850 €
Switzerland Average price: 7500 €
France Average price: 4500 €
Greece Average price: 3000 €
Hungary Average price: 2400 €

Plastic surgery in turkey reviews

plastic surrgey turkey reviews

Medespoir Turkey

"I was on holiday in Turkey when I met a German lady. After remarking on the beautiful harmony of her figure, she confided in me that she had undergone cosmetic surgery with a major agency in the country, Medespoir. Frankly, seeing the results on her made me want to do the full liposuction that I'd been wanting to do for a long time. So I contacted Medespoir Turkey on the whatsapp on their website and they took care of me very quickly. I was delighted with the welcome, the support and the quality of the surgeon at the Istanbul clinic. I am very happy to have chosen them to remove the fat from my stomach, hips, back and saddlebags." (Pauli Review)

"If you're not comfortable with the idea of going abroad for an operation, your best option is to call Medespoir. They are highly professional and you can tell they have experience of dealing with international patients. " (Suzann Review)

"Formidable rhinoplasty experience My nose job went very smoothly and safely. You feel like a VIP with Medespoir in Istanbul" (Sam Review)

Aram Clinic

"I am impressed by the quality, cleanliness and modernity of the clinic. Top class and better than my home in the suburbs of Leeds I was very well looked after and operated on by the plastic surgeon I am happy with the result of my tummy tuck " (Lindsay Review)

"Good job, very friendly team, I recommend it if like me you choose Turkey for a gynecomastia." (Paul Review)

"Dr S is great. He put me at ease and I did my boob job with a great deal of serenity. The staff at Aram Clinic are very kind, helpful and always available." Margaret's testimonal)

See also Leslie's long review of our clinic in Istanbul here.

What are the most requested procedures for our European and African patients?


Our patients come from all over the world but the highest percentage come from European and African countries like:

  • France.
  • Belgian.
  • England and U.K
  • U.S
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Canada
  • Switzerland.
  • Luxembourg.
  • Ghana.
  • Kenya.
  • Algeria.
  • Cameroon.

These are the most requested procedures that our patients want to undergo.

Tummy tuck

This is an operation that focuses on the stomach and more generally the entire abdominal belt, the skin around the stomach and the rectus muscles.


Liposuction in Turkey is a great way to shape, tone and reshape specific areas of your body.
Your body will not replace the fat cells removed from these areas, so each method of liposuction can make a lasting change to your body figure.

Fat transfer or lipofilling

This is a procedure for remodeling, filling and increasing the volumes of your buttocks and chest, this is done by using fat from other areas of your body.


The nose is a very important feature of the face, which is why many patients want to undergo corrective surgery to improve the shape of their nose.
The rhinoplasty is the right procedure for the correction of certain problems of the nose; it is not always done only for aesthetic reasons, but it can also improve the breathing of the patients.

Ultrasonic rhinoplasty

The latest development in cosmetic nose surgery is using ultrasound.
This allows this rhinoplasty technique to gently modify the bones and cartilages of the nose.


The star buttocks remodeling operation, doing your BBL in Turkey means taking advantage of an operation that gives plump buttocks and sculpts the lower part of the silhouette like Hollywood stars have done.

Breast reduction

Turkey is the best and most famous choice for many women who cannot do this operation in France when they do not meet the conditions for care.

Breast lift

This is the surgery to lift the breasts, which treats breast ptosis and which can also be associated with the fitting of breast prostheses.

Gynecomastia Surgery

Male patients from mainland Europe, UK, Dubai, Asia come to Turkey for this operation which corrects male breast enlargement.

The mommy makeover

This is An all-inclusive package of several operations to correct the consequences of one or more pregnancies.


The chin plays a very important role in the aesthetics of the face and contributes to giving us our identity.
The shape of the chin has an effect on our social environment that should not be underestimated, this is why genioplasty is the plastic surgery operation of the face intended to correct a defect of the chin.


Although malformed ears do not cause health complications, they are often the cause of low self-esteem.
It is for this reason that many people decide to undergo corrective ear surgery, genioplasty.

Breast implants

The breast augmentation procedure that has benefited thousands of women around the world. Breast implants can treat the complex of small breasts.

What are the none surgical options for aesthetic treatment in Turkey?

Injections, anti-aging and skin medicine, slimming techniques without surgery these are all options for people that choose not to undergo any surgical procedure.
Turkey is one of the world's leading centers of aesthetic medicine, the cosmetic clinics in the country offer many choices for people that choose not to take the surgical path to achieve their aesthetic desires, there are many natural beauty products that our clinic in Turkey can offer such as:

  • Hyaluronic acid in multiple uses as anti aging, medical rhinoplasty and many other uses.
  • Botulinum toxin injections.
  • Mesolift.
  • Microneedling.
  • Jawline contouring.
  • Peeling.
  • Tensor threads.
  • J Plasma, wich is a minimally invasive technique for treating sagging skin, it is complementary to liposuction with or without surgery.
  • Tattoo removal.
  • Laser hair removal.
  • Liposuction 360 H.D or Vaser Lipo.
  • Cryolipolysis.

What is the most common cosmetic surgery in Turkey?
Among all of the aesthetic procedures that are done in Turkey, hair transplantation is by far the most practiced procedure and the one that the majority of patients undergo.
Keep in mind that this operation is not covered by health insurance and mutual insurance, it is listed as a comfort procedure.

Hair transplant for men and women in Turkey

We offer our patients all-inclusive packages for hair transplantation in Istanbul with the following techniques:

  • EUF
  • DHI

This wide range of very specialized techniques of methods to redo your hair is one of the reasons that leads thousands of patients, men and women, to choose Turkey to solve the problem of baldness and alopecia.
The hair surgery specialists in our clinic in Istanbul are also renowned experts in Afro hair transplantation.
The treatment of alopecia for our male and female patients who have frizzy hair is tricky.
It is therefore necessary to contact professionals accustomed to reimplanting hair whose roots are specific.
Our hair clinic also offers beard transplantation and mustache transplantation using the same effective and painless techniques.

Cosmetic surgery Turkey : Before and after

rhinoplasty turkey before and after

nose job before and after

ear pinning turkey before and after

otoplasty(ear pinning) before and after

liposuction Turkey before and after

liposuction before and after

vaser liposuction man Turkey before and after

vaser lipo high definition before and after

Success of medical tourism in Turkey

Health tourism turkey

In 2022, more than 1 million people came to Turkey for cosmetic surgery or treatment.
For that, the country is one of the world's top 10 countries chosen to make a procedure.
The comparison of surgery prices in Turkey is a proof that this country is also distinguished by a proliferation of medical service offers that go beyond cosmetic surgery.
Thanks to Medespoir Turkey's partnership with a large clinic in Istanbul, you will be able to have your teeth redone at a lower price and also benefit from the many cosmetic surgeries that we offer such as best weight loss techniques such as the 100% non-invasive gastric balloon, the facial procedures like rhinoplasty and procedures to reshape your body like liposuction.
We are also happy to contribute to the desire to have children by helping couples from Algeria, the Morocco, Africa, the E.U., U.K., U.S. and the Middle East to benefit from the expertise using the IVF technique and reproductive medicine of our qualified experts.

What are the most frequently asked questions by our patients?

What languages are spoken in Turkey?

For British citizen, the choice of Turkey is is simple compared to the languages used.

In Turkey, apart from Turkish of course, the the people you'll be in contact with speak fluent English.

In any case, in our clinic there is always a translator.

What are the formalities for entering Turkish territory?

Entry formalities in Turkey are simple.
All you have to do is present a valid identity card or passport.
There is no visa, and these simplified formalities concern British or Canadians, or amercians.

In detail, if you stay in Turkey for less than 90 days, you do not need to have a visa.
Bare is mind that the identity card or passport must still be valid for at least 180 days after your date of entry on Turkish soil.
If for your medical stay, you decide to come by car, know that you can drive in Turkey with an international license.
You must have car insurance that also covers driving your vehicle in Turkey.
Car trips to Turkey must be made with a passport, which will be stamped at Turkish customs.