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Chin correction surgery

Chin correction surgery

The chin is what defines the shape of your face and head, having a weak chin affects facial proportions that are considered universally attractive.
This, in turn, can affect a person's confidence about their physical image, and the problem can happen for both men and women.
A receding chin is a chin that is erased, too short, small or tilted back, this happens when the lower jaw is set back from the forehead.
However, with chin correction surgery you will be able to have the facial features you always wanted.
With the chin surgery you will be able to have the strong jaw line you dream of, and you can rest assured because the surgery will be done by our top professional doctors.

How do you know your chin is receding?

There are many indications and signs that you are having a receding chin, one of the first features is having an ill-defined jaw, this means that your jaw does not match your face or it doesn't enhance your facial features well.
Another very common feature of a weak chin is having little to no definition between the neck and chin, that means it's too short, narrow or small.
Loose skin or wrinkles around the mouth can also lead to having a receding chin and a weak looking jaw line.

What are the consequences of having a receding chin?

Rounded face

A receding chin makes the jawline look weaker which can resort in a lack of separation between the jaw and the neck, creating a very rounded face shape.
The rounded feature of the face can create a discomfort for men; they have a demand for masculinization of the chin.

Nose too big

Having a receding chin also creates the visual sensation that your nose is too big compared to the proportions of your face. This, in turn, makes your face seem unsymmetrical.

Lack of general harmony of the face

A weak chin unbalances the whole face, in many cases when the chin is not aligned with the rest of the facial features, you feel like something is wrong and that is usually the general harmony of the face is being affected.
Usually, most people are able to see it on their faces; a receding chin can also makes you look you have saggy skin on your face especially the chin, neck and cheeks area.

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What are the causes of a receding chin?

The correct medical terminology for having a weak chin is called andibular retrognathia, also known as receding chin.
It is defined as having your lower jaw bone (also known as the mandible) significantly aligned inwards, making your chin appear weak.
There are many causes for this condition such as:

  • Genetics.
  • Loss of a volume of tissue and fat around the chin.
  • Excessive thumb-sucking in adolescence.
  • Accidents or repeated trauma to the chin area.

What are the techniques used in the chin correction procedure?

In cosmetic surgery of the face, there are 2 main techniques to correct a receding chin, they are called bone grafting and implant placement.
These two procedures are very common and highly efficient, they can also be used for other cosmetic procedures that are similar to correcting the chin.
These two cosmetic procedures are genioplasty techniques that are performed by our cosmetic surgeons in Turkey and Tunisia.

Bone grafting

A chin graft or bone grafting is a very common procedure that is done to support additional cosmetic or corrective dental procedures.
This procedure involves taking natural bone from a particular source and grafting it to another boney region in the mouth like the chin or jaw.

Implant placement

Chin implant placement surgery is usually an outpatient procedure.
The doctor makes a small incision either underneath the chin or inside the mouth and through this incision, the cosmetic surgeon creates space for the chin implant and fits it around the chin bone.

What happens during The postoperative course?

After the chin correction operation, you should take some time off work to allow your body to heal properly.
You must also keep a compression dressing for at least 5 days. During this period, you will also have to change your diet to a liquid diet and then move up to slowly to pureed food then eventually you will be back to eating regular food.
Consult with your doctor or dietitian about the types of food that you should be eating and make sure to always follow through on your postoperative appointments.
These appointments will help the doctor see the progress of the operation and allow you to have more contact with them in the case of you having any complications.
Make sure that you always keep your mouth hygienic, that means you must regularly use mouthwash.
The result is natural (the prosthesis cannot be seen.) and visible from the second month.

Do Hollywood stars get chin correction operation?

Cosmetic surgeries are very common in the Hollywood world of stars, almost every major star has had at least one cosmetic surgery to enhance their appearance.
And one of the very common procedures that movie stars are having is the chin correction operation.
Several stars have receding chins; this is the case of the two American stars Ryan Gosling and Maya Rudolf, they both had the procedure of chin correction.

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