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Liposuction: Reshape your body to a beautiful figure

Many people around the world suffer from obesity and being overweight, and those diseases are shown on someone's physical form, and also can lead to worst conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes.
However Medespoir has the solution for this problem, we offer the liposuction procedure to help you lose weight very fast.
Liposuction is the also ideal solution to reshape your Physique; it allows to correct all the imperfections of your physical appearance in order to make it look thinner and more seductive.
And today we will answer all the questions relating to this procedure such as:

What are breast implants?

Breast augmentation with prosthesis or breast implants is a very common cosmetic surgery that consist of inserting a large amount of fluid into the chest to increase the size of a woman's breasts.
This fluid can be either silicone gel, implanting silicone bags filled with saline solution and in some cases the fat is transfer from another part of your body.
Breast implants are also used in males in cosmetic surgeries and reconstructive surgeries of the chest wall.

  • How can the body contouring specialist achieve this result?
  • Can it affect the whole body, what are the advantages of this procedure?
  • Is the result final?

What is liposuction?

Full liposuction is a cosmetic surgery that targets one or more areas of your body.
It effectively removes unwanted body fat that is hard to remove with traditional methods such as exercice or dieting.
The aim of this procedure is that you end up with a slim healthy looking figure that is long lasting and can last even longer if you follow your doctor's instructions.

Conditions that are healed by liposuction

  • Lymphoedema: This is a condition where the arms and legs are swollen.
  • Lipoedema: a medical condition where fat is build-up abnormally in the buttocks, thighs and legs.

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Should I have the liposuction surgery?

Having a surgery might be terrifying for many people, however in many cases it is necessary, you shouldn't have to worry since the operation is painless because it is done under local or general anaesthetic.
If there is a lot of excess fat, it is necessary to operate to break the cells in which the fat is lodged.
Liposuction is performed using single-use liposuction cannulas, these thin, blunt-ended cannulas are connected by their handle to a source of vacuum suction.
However, if there is a single area of excess fat or if you are uncomfortable with the idea of an operation in the operating room, your surgeon can offer you the choice of another type of liposuction, this is of course will be done assessing your condition and seeing if other types of liposuction are possible.

What areas do liposuction procedure targets?

There are many physical imperfections that are corrected when liposuction is done, the procedure targets many areas in the body including:

  • Small belly bump.
  • Big thighs.
  • Saddlebags.
  • Below shoulder blades.
  • Lower back distorted by fat, love handles.
  • Deformed arms.
  • Double chin.
  • Legs in poles.

What are the differences between liposuction and other fat removing procedures?

The difference between liposuction and abdominoplasty is that abdominoplasty focuses more on the type of organ that causes the problem, abdominoplasty also focuses more on removing the excess skin.
Liposuction is also different than cryolipolysis and radiofrequency treatments, this because these treatments target cellulite, cellulite are fat cells located in the hypodermis at the level of the back of the thighs, buttocks, stomach and upper arms.
Cellulite is also different than fat treated by liposuction in it having congenital and hormonal origins.

What happens during the liposuction procedure?

The doctor will star the operation by injecting the targeted area with a solution containing anaesthetic and medicine; this will reduce blood loss, bruising and swelling.
Using a high-frequency vibration, a weak laser pulse or a high-pressure water jet, the surgeon will start breaking up the fat cells, after that they will make a small cut and insert a suction tube attached to a vacuum machine.
There are some situations where several cuts are needed to be made, for example if the area is too large and needs more work done on it.
The doctor will follow a special technique of moving the suction tube back and forth to loosen the fat and suck it out, then drain any excess fluid and blood.
Finely the procedure will finish by stitching up and bandaging the treated area.
The whole procedure usually takes 1 to 3 hours to be completed, in many cases you might need to stay in the hospital for at least one night to be monitored.

When will the results be visible?

The results you are expecting are visible immediately and are consolidated after 3 months, since the first days following the procedure; the levels of fat are significantly and visibly lower.
Depending on the area, it takes 1 to 3 months for the skin to retract on the new curve of your body, and the final result is visible after 3 to 6 months.
When the treated area is at the level of your abdomen, results will usually take 6 months to be visible; you will notice that this area is firmer and more harmonious.
The results of liposuction are permanent and fat cells are permanently destroyed.
You must keep in mind that you have to follow a more healthy lifestyle and stick to a diet because fat storage cells can build up elsewhere in your body.

What are some questions that many patients ask about fat removing procedures?

There are two questions that almost all patients ask about body reshaping operations, and they are:

What is aesthetic body contouring surgery?

Having a harmonious figure allows you to feel beautiful and confident; you will have a positive self-image and serene relationships with others.
These operations aim to reshape the shape and appearance of interdependent areas of the body, those areas are what define and give the body it's healthy and slim look such as your thighs, belly and arms.
Cosmetic surgery of the belly makes it possible to repair a damaged belly by performing procedures on the skin and the abdominal muscles.
All of these procedures are done under local anesthesia so you don't have to worry about feeling any pain.

How to keep your figure looking healthy?

A beautiful looking body is a harmony between the shapes of the top, middle and bottom of our body.
Even if your diet is balanced and you play sports, age, genetics, or pregnancy can affect this harmony and create disparities in appearance between the belly and the thighs, and between the flanks and the belly.
One of the most useful tools to keep your body slim after undergoing liposuction or any other fat removal procedure is to follow a healthy diet.
Before following a diet make sure that you consult your doctor and your dietitian so that they can give you the diet plan that best suits you and your condition.
Exercising is also highly recommended, simple daily exercises like cardio or light physical activities like push ups are enough to keep you healthy inside and out.

How much does liposuction in Tunisia costs?

It's true that liposuction is a very efficient solution for obtaining a healthy looking body, however before deciding on undergoing the procedure you first must know if it's withing your budget.
You must also do your research on the best clinics with the best prices and deals available.
If you are looking for the most financially wise decision, then look no further because Medespoir is here to offer you an all-inclusive package to help you have the procedure without worrying about the price.
This is because our all-inclusive deal covers many of the operation costs such as:

  • The doctor's fees.
  • The post-operative medications.
  • A room at a luxurious hotel.
  • Your medical transportation.
  • Access to your highly advanced operations room.

What are the risks of liposuction?

Liposuction and other fat removing operations come with some risk factors that you need to be aware of before deciding on undergoing any of them.
These risks are very rare, and your doctor will go into much more details about them with you once you meet with them.
Some of the risks of liposuction are:

  • Lumpy and uneven results
  • Severe pain.
  • Loss of sensation.
  • High fever.
  • Shortness of breath.
  • Bleeding.
  • Haematoma.
  • Changes in skin colour in the treated area.

Make sure to always follow your doctors instruction to keep the chance of having these risks minimal.
In the case of you feeling extreme discomfort, you should contact your doctor immediately and let them know.

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