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Nose job

Nose job: A short guide to putting an end to your complex

We always strive to be the best version of ourselves, both mentally and physically, however we all know that perfection is not possible.
However, we are able to come very close to it when it comes to our physical appearance.
The nose is what makes your face look symmetrical, however many people are not satisfied with the shape of their nose.
This is why the nose job procedure exists, to help you reshape your nose and have the features you always wanted.
Today we are going to answer all the questions relating to this procedure, what areas of the nose can be reshaped? Is it possible to modify it without going through surgery? Which doctor is authorized to correct the defects? From what age can it be corrected? How much does it cost to touch up your nose?

What are the changeable parts in the nose?

Generally there are 3 parts of the nose that can be changed during a nose job.

The tip

The tip of the nose is what makes it have it's overall shape, however it can suffer from some mild problems that make it look uneven with your face.
One of the main problems with the tip of the nose is that it could be drooping which can result in your smile being hidden.
It can also appear too wide and sometimes bifid, that means that it looks like it's split into two parts.
The tip of the nose can also appear to be deviated by nature as a result of trauma, which can lead to many people into trying to fixing it because breathing problems.

The nasal bridge (dorsum)

The dorsum or nasal bridge is the area of our nose that goes from the root at the top to the birth of the tip lobule.
Having a bump in that area is the most common problem; the nasal bump is removed with a rhinoplasty that removes excess bone and cartilage.

The saddle nose (Dorsum obliterated)

Unlike the nose's hump which is bony and is a cartilaginous excess, the saddle of the nose has no bone structure.
We speak of the saddle nose when the dorsum is marked by a more or less moderate depression.
Bare in mind that an excessive bump surgery can also be the cause of a nose that has become too indented, and the filling of the nasal bridge is done by a bone graft.

The nostrils

The main problem that you can have with your nostrils is that they can appear to be too wide or too curved, this may be the cause of some breathing problems which can lead you to have a nose job.
The reduction of the nostrils is considered mostly for ethnic noses, however people who suffer from having non-symmetrical width nostrils can also have this procedure.

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Can the nose job help with breathing problems?

Breathing problems are the cause of 2 types of issues you can have in your nose.

The crooked nose

The reason behind having a deviated nose is that your nasal septum may be curved or deviated, which can lead to breathing problems.
The straightening of it improves the aesthetics of the nose and if you feel breathing discomfort, it will be considerably reduced.

Deviation of the nasal septum

You may feel a difficulty in breathing due to the deviated nasal septum.
This will require a rhinoplasty for the external part of the nose; the first step of this procedure is the correction of the deviation, this is done using the technique of septoplasty.

Can you get your nose done without having a surgery?

Itis possible to have your nose reshaped without the need to undergo a surgery, this procedure is called medical rhinoplasty.
This treatment is done mainly with the use of hyaluronic acid.
Hyaluronic acid is one of the most natural and very used cosmetic products in the market, the reason behind it being famous is that it has many uses and can help with many medical or cosmetic problems without the need for a surgery.
Some of the uses of hyaluronic acid for nose problems are:

  • Helps fade a nasal bump.
  • Straighten the tip of the nose.
  • Fill the hollow of the ridge.
  • Fill the gap with a bifid nose tip.
  • Refine the line of the nasal bridge.

Bare in mind that rhinoplasty without surgery is temporary, this procedure only lasts for about 12 months, if you are looking for permanent results then you should consider having a surgical nose job.

Which doctor is authorized to do a nose job?

Before undergoing any cosmetic procedure, you must be sure that you are getting the best doctor to perform the operation.
Rest assured because cosmetic nose surgery is performed by a qualified plastic surgeon, usually a specialized rhinoplastician.
The plastic surgeon can also modify other parts of the body if they conclude that you need it.

What is the proper age to have a nose job?

The best time o consider having a nose job to correct the deviations in it is when your nose is fully developed and has finished it's growing.
The bone and cartilage growth in the nose usually finishes it's growing between the ages of 16 and 18, so that's when you should consider having the operation.
Based on the examination your doctor will perform prior to the surgery; they will determine weather you are eligible to undergo the procedure.
There are some cases where the operation can be done before this period of time, like in the case of a minor facing a serious psychological problem associated with the shape of their nose, this of course will only be done with the authorization of their parents.
Rhinoplasty by injections of hyaluronic acid can be done from the age of 16.

How much does a nose job cost?

Searching for the best price possible is one of the first and most important steps that you need to take before undergoing any medical or cosmetic procedure.
Medespoir Clinic always makes sure that our prices are budget friendly for all our patients so that you can have your procedures without worrying about the cost.
The average price for a nose job varies between €7,000 and €10,000.
The cost with Medespoir Clinic varies between €2,000 and €2,950 depending on the nature of the rhinoplasty.

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