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Dental veneers

Dental veneers

Smiling is our natural way of expression joy and overall enjoyment, and having a shining bright smile will make you appear friendly and approachable wich can help you in your professional and social life.
However with time teeth can lose their durability and their color; this is due to either our diet that has so much sugar and acids that are very harmful to our teeth, or due to an accident that made you damage your teeth.
And having discolored teeth can make many people feel bad about the way they look, and not all the solutions can work for all people like whitening get.

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Medespoir is here to present you the best and most modern and effective way to deal with the problem of discolored teeth, we present the dental veneers procedure.
Dental veneers are known for making your smile will become shiner and better because they will give you a natural look, and will also protect your teeth against being damaged.
We welcome all of our patients that are seeking to regain their beautiful smiles back using the dental veneers procedure.
At Medespoir we offer the best and most professional care and at the most affordable prices.

How much do dental veneers cost?

If you interested in having the shine of your teeth back but you are looking for the most budget friendly way to do it then look no further, this is our specialty at Medespoir, we strive to give our patents top quality treatments and at the best prices.
At Medespoir our mission is to offer all of our patients the most professional care with the help of our high skilled and educated medical team that is composed of the best surgeons and dentists in the whole world, and to provide with all of that with an unmatched price.
This is because Medespoir offers an all-inclusive package deal that will sure make you want to choose us right away.
Our all-inclusive deal covers all costs that are related to the operation, meaning your hotel room, transportation, postoperative medication and doctor's fees are all covered using our all-inclusive package.
With Medespoir you are able to have the aesthetic procedure of your choice and save up to 70% on the costs of the operation compared to any other agency or country.

What are dental veneers?

Dental veneers are very thin slices that are used to improve the aesthetic appearance of your teeth and to cover and protect them, they are made of materials that have the same color as natural teeth.
They are different from other dental prostheses such as dental implants and crowns, where the implant replaces the entire tooth, and crowns are installed over the affected tooth, while dental veneers are placed on the same tooth from the front part only.

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What are the types of dental veneers?

There are several types of dental veneer that are sure to make you satisfied with the end result, based on your goals from the procedure and the condition of your teeth the doctor will decide on the best option for you.


These are the oldest type of veneers and are the most common and often used on internal teeth.
It does not require a large tooth abrasion to be fixed in placed.

Resin veneers

It is a material derived from porcelain, and its composition requires grinding, with a thickness of up to 0.5 mm.
Dental veneers made of resin are characterized by their strength and high resistance to staining. In addition.


It is a material made of porcelain, but by adding some materials to make qualitative improvements to it.
This type of ceramic veneer is distinguished from the other types of veneers by the possibility of removing it after a period of time at the end of its life span, or if it is exposed to some damage such as fracture or pigmentation.

How to prepare for having dental veneers?

Before having your veneers installed you will first have to make a visit to your dentist for a consultation, during this appointment your doctor will be discussing the different aspects of the procedure, asking and understanding what you want out of the procedure and taking dental measurements to make appropriate crusts.
If you need treatment for the roots or gums, then it must be completed before the installation of your dental scales.
The procedure is highly simple and doesn't take too much time, brush your teeth before going to the doctor, and you should quit smoking before having the veneers, as smoking can make them lose or change their color.

How are dental veneers installed?

Installing dental veneers is a very simple procedure, it does no require any type of anesthetic, however to make sure that the procedure is pain free the doctor will numb the areas in which the procedure will take place.
The doctor will then place a mold of wax in your mouth to measure the size of the teeth, then sends it to the laboratory to get the veneers manufactured.
The manufacturing process takes about two to four weeks.
After this period of time has passed, the scales will be ready, then the doctor examines the scales on your teeth to make sure that they are suitable in terms of size and color, then they start installing them and shines x-rays on them until they are fixed, after that the doctor cleans the teeth and removes the impurities that appear during the operation.

What happens after installing the dental veneers?

The most important part of the whole journey of having dental veneers is how to best take care of them and keep them intact and stainless.
After the operation you will feel a slight change in your mouth, this is because the size and shape of your teeth are changed, the process of adjusting to your new teeth takes one to two weeks.
Make sure you kee a good oral hygiene meaning that you must brush your teeth and use dental floss daily.
After about a week or two, the dentist will ask you to return to the clinic for review, follow-up, this is so that they can see the progress of your healing and the end results of the operation.
Dental veneers are an efficient solution for teeth that are stained, but they are not a perfect alternative. It is very common to see slight changes in the color of dental veneers, which may appear over time as happens with natural teeth, although there is no doubt that dental veneers will improve your smile and boost your confidence.

What are the risks of having dental veneers?

There are some slight risks to getting dental veneers installed, these risks are very mild and rare, but you need to know so that you be better prepared for when they happen.
The risks of having dental veneers are:

  • Teeth sensitivity.
  • General discomfort.
  • Increased risk of tooth pulp injury.
  • Inflation in the gum.
  • Discoloration.

Your doctor will discuss these risks with you in more detail, be sure to contact them if you suffer from any major discomfort or pain.

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