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Galoche chin

Galoche chin: Make your face symmetrical

The key to have a real well-balanced looking face is having all your features symmetrically align, however due to either genetics or accidents many people have a problem achieving that.
Luckily modern science has given us the galoche chin procedure to better help us achieve our facial beauty goals.
The galoshe chin is characterized as being very narrow and protuberant chin, the chin can also be described as very forward in its shape, so much so that it can reach the same level as the tip of the nose.
This is done, so it can give the face and especially your jaw line a more strong and harder look to it.
The galoche chin can also be defined as pointed, sometimes making the jaw very square (in men).

What are the causes Prominent chin?

Most people that have a prominent chin are due to genetics it's either a lack of development of the upper jaw or a projected chin and abnormal growth.
This usually happens when the maxillary bones are narrower than the mandible, these interfere with the normal growth of the chin.

How to treat the clogged chin?

The genioplasty of the galoche chin is a specific cosmetic procedure of the face; it's mainly intended to reduce the size of the chin when it has an abnormal shape that can make you feel uncomfortable with the way you look.
Chin reduction can help improve facial harmony for patients who find their chin to be either too large or wide.
Reduction genioplasty results in a more proportionate chin to the overall facial structure.
The cosmetic surgeon that will be performing the procedure will take into consideration your desires and goals from the procedure and work to get you the best and most natural looking results possible.

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What are the different techniques to have a galoche chin?

Mainly there are two techniques to perform a galoche chin correction; the doctor will decide on the best operation for you based on your condition and your expectations.


The doctor starts by drilling the too forward lower edge of the chin, after that, the projected part is inserted in its place.


The surgeon stars by fracturing in the projected excess bone, this will then allow them easy access to the chin area so they can start the second step of the procedure which is fixing the anterior area of the chin.
The technique of fracturing the bone is not recommended. Recoil genioplasties performed in Tunisia adopts the first technique, the results of which are immediately visible and very aesthetic.

How much does it cost to have chin genioplasty in Tunisia?

Researching for the best possible prise before deciding on undergoing any medical or cosmetic procedure is one of the first and most important steps that you should take.
You must make sure that the prises are budget friendly and within your price range.
With Medespoir you can rest assured as we offer an all-inclusive package that covers:

  • A room at a luxurious hotel.
  • Medical fees (doctor's payment and medication expenses).
  • Transportation fees.
  • Access to a cutting edge operating room.

The price of having reduction genioplasty in Tunisia is €1,600 at Medespoir, this means that you are able to have the procedure with a price that is 50% less that of other places.

What happens after having galoche chin correction?

After the procedure it's very normal to feel some mild pain, this is, of course, very normal and your doctor will be sure to give you pain relievers.
You must keep a compression bandage for almost a week, even if the scars are discreet.
There is often discomfort in moving the jaw and the results are only noticeable after 3 months.
In the first period of your recovery, you should change your diet to a more soft food diet; this is so you put too much pressure on the operated area and lower the risk of damaging your chin.
Make sure that you keep up with your follow-up appointments; these will help your doctor see the progress of your operation.
If you feel any intence discomfort, contact your doctor immediately.

What are the risks of chin reduction procedure?

When you decide on having any cosmetic procedure, you should always keep in mind that this operation carries some risk factor into it.
This is the case with all medical procedures, there is always some potential complications that you should keep into consideration.
To help you better understand these risks, your doctor will go into much more details about them with you when you meet with them.
Some of the risks of having the chin reduction operation are:

  • Redness.
  • Swelling.
  • Inflammation around your mouth and chin.
  • Heat surrounding the incision.
  • Hardness surrounding the incision.
  • Possible discharge coming out of the incision.
  • An increase in pain.
  • Feeling nausea and vomiting.
  • Fatigue.
  • Nerve damage.
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