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Fox Eyes

Fox Eyes: have eyes like the stars

One of the most common cosmetic procedures in the world is having the fox eyes surgery; this procedure is highly famous especially in the Hollywood world.
Angelina Jolie, Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski and Orlando Bloom have one thing in common in addition to being stars, these people have fox eyes.
You have probably heard people around you mention this shape of eyes as an aesthetic advantage and also associate it with the aesthetic of mystery and a depth in the gaze.
But what exactly are fox eyes? How do you know if you have these eyes? Can we change the shape of our eyes to have fox eyes?
In this article we will be answering those question and many more about the fox eyes cosmetic surgery.

How much does fox eyes surgery cost?

Knowing the best price and best deals possible is the first and one of the most important steps you need to take before deciding on undergoing any surgery.
Medespoir prides it's self in having the best deal possible, our prices are unmatched and are budget friendly.
You can have the fox eyes surgery using our all-inclusive package that covers:

  • Medical fees.
  • Transportation costs.
  • A room at a luxurious hotel.
  • Access to our highly advanced operations room.

What are fox eyes?

Fox eyes, despite the myth that surrounds them, are actually an ordinary shape of eyes, in fact these are the most common shape of eyes.
They can also be called "almond eye", this is because they resemble the shape of an almond.
That is to say, eyes that draw towards the oval with an almost always perfect symmetry between the outer corner of the eye and the hollow of the tears.

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How do you know if you have fox eyes?

To identify the shape of your eyes, there are several tests; these tests are done in front of a mirror, with natural light and using a pencil.
All of these tests are useful, but there is an easier way to find out if your eyes are almond shaped.
As we said before fox eyes have the shape of an almond and are almost perfectly symmetrical with your face, we can say that these are eyes that are neither turned up nor turned down.
The method of identifying weather you have fox eyes or not is easy, it only has two steps which are:

  • Focus your gaze on the white you have around the colored area of your eyes (iris).
  • If you don't see the white area either above the iris or below the iris, you have fox eyes.

What other features do fox eyes have?

The shape of the eyes plays a major role in the aesthetics of the gaze and the overall balance of your face features.
We can say that the shape of the eyes gives rise to many metaphors such as that of Droopy's eyes associated with bags under the eyes or even the cocker spaniel's eye or the doe's eye.
The special features about fox eyes is that they combine balance and depth, the outer edges are quite parallel and the look is deep due to the stretching of the eyes.
Fox eyes is sometimes referred to as "European cat eyes" is a pillar of modern beauty, therefore it is understandable why stars have chosen o get this look in particular.

Fox eyes surgery: have a gaze just like the stars

Get information and an estimation on the operation to have fox eyes

If you want to know how to have fox eyes like those of Angelina Jolie, then you are in luck because Medespoir offers you the fox eyes cosmetic surgery.
With us you can rest assured that you will be treated by the most efficient and skilfull esthetic surgeons in the world.
What are the solutions of surgery and aesthetic medicine?

Surgery or aesthetic medicine to have almond eyes

Canthopexy or fox eyes gaze surgery is a form of blepharoplasty which consists of raising the drooping part of the eyes and stretching it outwards.
It is a long-lasting operation that gives your eyes an almond-shape, so much so that canthopexy is also sometimes called cat eyes.
Canthopexy is quite often requested by women with round or very round eyes.

Get a canthopexy (fox eye) price estimation in Tunisia or Turkey

Canthopexy is requested by both men and women who wish to have slanted eyes, the procedure can be combined with droopy eyelids surgery or eye bag surgery.

How will the fox eyes surgery go?

The procedure is highly efficient and very simple, instead of working on the eyes directly, the surgeon or the doctor will work on the areas located nearby.
This will raise the tail of the eyebrow thanks to the botox injections or hyaluronic acid; this will help lift the crease of the upper eyelid, which helps stretch the outer corners of the eyes.

What are the risks of fox eyes surgery?

Before undergoing any medical or cosmetic surgery you must be aware of it's risks and possible complications.
Fox eyes surgery is no different, although the procedure is highly efficient, it does carry with it some risk factors, your doctor will discuss them in much more detail when you meet them.
Some of the risks of fox eyes surgery are:

  • Infection.
  • Bruising and swelling.
  • Nerve damage.
  • Facial paralysis.
  • Big bleed under the skin.
  • Scarring.
  • Facial Disfiguration.
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