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Breast Lift Surgery Cost in Istanbul, Turkey : Package mastopexy

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Breast uplift from £2500 : Book your free consultation now to firm your breast and change your life

Sagging breasts? Medespoir® is here to help. Our qualified surgeons in Turkey perform breast lifts to restore your breasts to their optimal shape.

Like millions of women around the world, you want the position of your breasts in your bra to be the same when you remove your bra.

If these are your desires for the shape and profile of your breasts, then it's probably because your breasts are sagging and no longer appeal to you. You're suffering from what's known as breast ptosis.

Breast ptosis

When you have ptosis, your breasts droop, there's a void in the upper pole of each breast, and the areola and nipple are no longer in their original position. This affects your well-being, your femininity and even your freedom to choose your clothes.

To correct this problem, our surgeons perform aesthetic breast surgery, known as breast lift or mastopexy.

The information provided by Medespoir.com on mastopexy surgery in Turkey does not replace the consultation and diagnosis of a plastic surgeon

How can a breast lift in Turkey help you?

A breast lift or mastopexy is a cosmetic surgery procedure that reshapes the breasts, giving them a more beautiful, symmetrical and, ultimately, more youthful appearance. The surgical procedure involves replacing the areola and nipple. The mammary gland is then lifted and the excess skin removed.

Mastopexy surgery is also known as breast redraping, because the final stage of the operation involves redraping the skin around the mammary gland. The result: the breast is fuller and firmer, with the areola and nipple in their original centered position.

The surgery

  • General anesthesia
  • 3 choices of scars, incision entry zones
  • A breast lift operation lasts between 2 and 3 hours

Breast uplift : Post operative

The post-operative period is generally painless. Mild painkillers are prescribed, and any bruising and edema quickly disappear. The patient wears a support bra day and night for one month.

Breast lift: the result

The results of a breast lift are immediately visible. This means you'll see firmer, higher-positioned, symmetrical breasts. The result is definitive after 1 year, when the scars become invisible.

Breast lift with other breast surgery operations

Breast lift with breast augmentation : Because you have small breasts, or because your breasts have become too large, you may wish (also on your surgeon's advice) to complement your breast lift with a breast augmentation. In this case, you and your surgeon will choose breast prostheses adapted to your needs, for ideal volume.

Breast lift with breast reduction:In the case of breast hypertrophy contributing to significant sagging of the breasts, the breast lift will be accompanied by a breast reduction.

Breast Lift Surgery Cost in Turkey

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The cost of a breast lift in Turkey is among the lowest in the world

Compared to prices in Manchester, London, Leeds, Edinburgh, Cardiff or Belfast, the price of a breast lift in Istanbul is up to 70% cheaper. Performed by an experienced surgeon in the best clinic, your operation to correct breast ptosis and lift the breasts is less expensive for two reasons: - Firstly, because the cost of living in Turkey and medical expenses are lower. -Secondly, because Medespoir negotiates an all-inclusive rate with the clinic. Your breast lift package avoids additional costs linked, for example, to the difference in fees between one plastic surgeon and another.

At our ultra-modern clinic in Istanbul, Turkey, your breast lift operation, with or without prostheses, is performed by a qualified professional surrounded by a first-rate medical team.

Find out more now about prices and medical teams

Package breast lift Turkey

Upgrade your femininity : Enjoy our all-inclusive package with :

  • Surgeon's fees
  • Anesthetist's fees
  • The operation
  • Clinic stay
  • Nursing care, post-surgery bra included
  • Post-operative accommodation
  • Translation service in the language of your choice