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Medespoir the best medical tourism agency in Tunisia

Medespoir the best medical tourism agency in Tunisia

prix chirurgie esthétique tunisie
Up to 70% reduction on your operations.
With Medespoir, the cost of cosmetic surgery is much cheaper. And if you perform several operations, you save even more money!

Medespoir cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery prices

The prices and costs of aesthetic, plastic or restorative surgery procedures are indicative, they do not replace the amount corresponding to the detailed and personalized estimate which will be given to you by your specialist in aesthetic stays in Tunisia, the Medespoir agency.

Cosmetic surgery of the face

Neck and face lift About 2950 €
Malar lift About 2100 €
Forehead lift About 2100 €
Full face lift About 3100 €
Simple rhinoplasty About 2000 €
RRhinoplasty and septoplasty About 2350 €
Ethnic rhinoplasty About 2350 €
2 eyelid surgery About 1450 €
4 eyelid surgery About 1650 €
Lip lift (lip surgery) About 2750 €

Cosmetic breast surgery

Breast augmentation round prostheses About 2400 €
Breast augmentation anatomical prostheses About 2600 €
Breast lift About 2100 €
Breast reduction About 2100 €
Breast lipofilling About 2950 €
Gynecomastia About 2100 €
Pectoral implants About 2950€

Body & figure cosmetic surgery

Liposuction Between 1800 € and 2050 €
Vaser liposuction About 2650 €
Abdominoplasty About 2100 €
Abdominal etching About 3750 €
Buttock augmentation with prostheses About 2950€
BBL About 2950 €
Arm lift About 1600 €
Butt lift About 2000 €
Thigh lift About 1800 €
Circular abdominoplasty About 2950 €
Back lift About 1800 €

How much does liposuction cost?

Liposuction prices

Liposuction 1 zone About 1600€
Neck liposuction About 1800 €
Chin liposuction About 1800 €
Belly liposuction About 1900 €
Complete liposuction About 2050 €

Découvrez le comparatif de nos prix avec les tarifs d'une liposuccion dans 20 pays

How much does a rhinoplasty cost?

Rhinoplasty prices

Primary rhinoplasty About 2000 €
Ethnic rhinoplasty About 2350 €
Ultrasonic rhinoplasty (ultra-precise and preserving nose surgery) About 2750 €(compare to the prices in France and Switzerland where the price starts à 8000 €)
Rhinoplasty with septoplasty (correction of septum deviation) About 2350 €

Find out why our rhinoplasties are cheaper

Why is it beneficial for you to undergo several operations at the same time?

Combined cosmetic surgery prices

Full face lift + 2 eyelid surgery About 3350€
Full face lift + 4 eyelid surgery About 1800 €
Breast lift + installation of round prostheses About 2850 €
Breast lift + placement of anatomical prostheses About 3050 €
Breast reduction + lift to lift the breasts About 2950 €
Abdominoplasty + belly liposuction About 2850 €
Abdominoplasty + diastasis treatment + complete liposuction About 3350 €
Abdominoplasty + complete liposuction About 2950 €
Complete liposuction + breast or buttocks lipofilling About 2950 €

When you choose to have 2 or 3 operations, you will benefit from a significant discount on the total amount of your plastic surgery package.

Discover all the cheaper combination surgeries you can do with Medespoir.


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Our prices are all-inclusive: What does that mean?
You may wonder why are the prices in Tunisia are much more affordable than other countries, this is because Medespoir offers all our clients an all-inclusive deal.
The all-inclusive package covers the expenses of hospitalization and the medical stay.

The all-inclusive prices and everything included in the package

  • The procedure that will be done in our surgical block.
  • Access to a room in the clinic.
  • The fees of the plastic surgeon.
  • The fees of the anesthesiologist when the operation is performed in an operating room and involves local or general sedation.
  • Nursing care including the provision of clothing to improve the healing process such as support pants or support bra.

All-inclusive stay: Services before and after the operation

The following services are included in the price of your stay:

  • All operation related transportation (airport, clinic, hotel).
  • Taking care of the admission procedures in the clinic (registration...).
  • Reservation and payment of the hotel room in which the first days of your convalescence and your postoperative follow-up will take place.
  • The cost of food, meals served by a caregiver.

Most of the time the stay of your companion is FREE.

With Medespoir.com®, you benefit from an all-inclusive and cheap price that covers no less than 10 medical and tourist services of 100% quality.

The Prices at the best Tunisian cosmetic clinic

At Medespoir, our main mission is to deliver the best possible care at the most affordable price; we believe by covering all the expenses of the procedure, our patients would enjoy a relaxing and stress free experience.
The prices of the interventions in our clinic are withing everyone's budget, contrary to those proposed in Europe, where the prices could get much more expensive, as a result, we can offer you a rate where the stay at the clinic is already included without any additional costs.
You no longer need to search for and visit a private clinic that will cost too much money, with us you can have the same quality of operation and you will pay less for your aesthetic service.
The Medespoir Clinic has an international certification obtained by an external evaluation.

Best specialists in plastic & cosmetic surgery in Tunis: Fees and reviews

Having the best and most budget friendly prices is not our only feature, at Medespoir we also focus on delivering the best care, this is why we have been working for 11 years to select the best plastic surgeons in Tunisia and the world.
The fees of these specialists are negotiated in advance in order to offer you a reasonable price.
World-renowned surgeons such as Dr. Mezhoud will help you to succeed in the operation(s) you need and to have the look and figure of your dreams.
Once you receive the rate with detailed pricing including the doctor's fee, take the time to make your mind up about the surgeon.
The fees of our experts in cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery are less expensive because of an agreement and because of our choice to carry out your surgical project in the form of an all-inclusive package.
Our medical team will dedicate all their time to deliver the results you always dreamed of.

Medespoir prices for all categories of operations

Are you looking for the Medespoir price for one operation or several operations for the same areas of the body?
We have prepared these pages bellow for you to directly see the prices for the same category of plastic surgery operations.

  • For cosmetic surgery of the breast and its prices: See here.
  • For cosmetic surgery of the face and its prices: See here.
  • For plastic surgery of the body and figure: See here.

How to pay for your trip and treatment?

There are two ways that you can pay for your procedure at Medespoir:

  • Payment in cash in Tunisia before the pre-consultation with the plastic surgeon.
  • Payment by bank transfer of all or part of the amount of the operation before coming to Tunisia.

How to make your request?

Now that you have Medespoir's prices, you can request a rate for your cosmetic surgery.
The estimate will allow you to have the detail of the expenses of the procedure and to have the written proof that all the necessary payments are included in the all-inclusive package.
To have your request filled and start your journey with Medespoir all you have to do is fill in the form below:

What are the most requested cosmetic surgery procedures?

The most common cosmetic surgery procedures performed at our clinic are:

  • Liposuction.
  • Breast lift with or without prosthesis.
  • Abdominoplasty.
  • Rhinoplasty.
  • Breast augmentation with prosthesis.
  • Breast lipofilling (breast augmentation without prosthesis).
  • BBL.
  • Hair transplant.
  • Breast reduction.

80% of our patients take advantage of their visit to Tunisia to have 2 or 3 operations.
This is because when you decide on having a combo of procedures of the same nature, you will be saving a lot of money thanks to the Medespoir payment deals.
The all-inclusive package for 2 face operations, 2 or 3 body operations or 2 breast procedures are truely unmatched.
We guarantee you the best results so you can have the body of your dreams, and the lowest price so you will be able to save money.

Medespoir prices in Algeria

Medespoir surgery prices for Algeria and Algerians can be rated to you in euros or Algerian dinars.
Mespoirالجزائر has been around to help all of our Algerian patients since 2009, our teams welcome patients from all parts of Algeria like Algiers, Oran, Annaba and many cities in the sister country for surgical operations.
ماد اسبوار is at your service.
If you wish to be served in Arabic language, please go to this page: https://www.medespoir.com/ar/


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